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Do you want your horse to LOVE WORKING WITH YOU?

but it

turns away when you come? bits? ignores you? is bored? slow? old? young? fat? stiff?

--> or simply not the Black Stallion you can canter tackless into the sunset?

you have come to the right person!

I will show you new ways of

UNIQUE, CREATIVE, FUN training for a healthy body & honest relationship.


If you want a specific method or a "one fits all' - plan mapped out, then you have come to the wrong place!

I work very intuitive, picking up the energy of the day of both you & your horse. 

What I can give you is a rough idea of the elements I integrate. 

They include but are not limited to:

Intrinzen - inspired training

To me this means:

  1. Making use of the natural environment or any creative elements I can find

  2. Giving my horse a voice - he might not always decide, but I will always consider his input

  3. Finding balance in unbalanced situations! This is the key to a healthy, balanced horse on the ground and ridden!

Human body language

  1. Your body talks - I will make you conscious about what it might be saying to the horse.

  2. Body language is a key element in all communication - train it with your horse, use it in life.

Positive reinforcement

  1. Try the carrot instead of the wip! Do you want a motivated horse? This is a great way! (Sidenote: you won't have a biting horse, if you keep to a few, simpel principles)

  2. You respect your horse - your horse will respect you: even around treats! (Sidenote: I don't work with hungry horses!)

ballet-151846_1280life coaching_edited.p

Life Coaching

  1. Your (unconscious) mindset matters: Tell left, feel right will not work with your horse

  2. Set goals: Did you dream of galloping tackless on sandy roads and now you are afraid of leaving the arena? Let's get you back on track!

  3. Worries!! You had a bad experience and now you lost confidence? I can support you through the tunnel.

I travel | courses at your stable

I travel! Do you want to invite me to your stable?

I'm happy to discuss where, when, what, who and support you and your stablemates on your journey to a unique bond with your horse.

Courses min. 4 participants

starting at € 195,- excl. VAT/pp

Get in contact!

30 min | 1:1 Tryout

I support you on your way to unique, holistic horsemanship. If you want to get to know me; this is your chance! Leave me your email address & the city where your horse is living. As soon as I'm in the area, I will let you know for a 30 min session with you and your horse to get to know me & my unique way of training.

Special for you: € 20,-

let's meet | packages

I'm what you need - you know it ;-)

If you have decided, that it is fun & efficient to work with me: let's meet on a regular basis. I will be there for you to realise your personal goals. Step by step.

Light package:

4 personal videoanalyses, 4 group zoomcalls 

during 3 months starting at € 90,- excl. VAT

You aren't sure? Let's talk!


about me

I'm Kara from EquiLibre. 

I'm a passionate horse trainer my whole life. 

I'm a certified life coach and horse riding teacher with years of experience in teaching young and old, strolling trough nature and training horses. 

My path has let me trough Germany, Ecuador, Holland, South Africa and Spain. As a result, I'm fluent in English, Spanish, German and Dutch. 

My path has also let me through traditional horse riding, hunting, natural horsemanship and clickertraining, leading me towards a intrinzen - inspired training method that considers both you and the horse.


some of my clients


"Some years ago, Kara was my life coach. In a friendly, subtile but resolute and professional way she took all my stories down to the essential. She used different methods to get me back in contact with my deepest wishes and drives. Now, years later, I still benefit from that. The coaching process might not have been long, but the result lasts!"


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